Ambrose Homes, Inc. works collaboratively with our clients. We listen to the client and gather information about their needs, their tastes and their goals for their property. Our in-house Design Team, headed by Fred Ambrose, takes great pride in creating beautiful designs that include lovely architectural details.

While we carefully craft an aesthetic, we remain--above all--responsive to our client, closely evaluating their livability quotient and working within the framework of the client’s budget throughout the design and construction process.

As a company with both design and construction departments, using professional estimating methodology, we are able to take up the challenge of budget vs. desire and bring each project to fruition. At Ambrose Homes, Inc., the client’s wishes are the key driving factor, integrated into the budget and design.

Since the ancient Greeks designed the Acropolis, well-thought-out architecture has been a combination of theatre, function and livability. Ambrose Homes, Inc. sets the stage by creating the space in which our clients live. Our clients come to their newly completed home, and have the satisfaction of knowing that their space represents them in the best possible light.

In over 30 years of designing and constructing buildings, many of the great architects of history have influenced our design team’s aesthetic, from Callicrates and Ictinus of ancient Greece, who were the first known designers to curve a building’s line in order to create the visual  illusion of a straight line of sight, to Gropius’ Bauhaus style with its simplistic approach which included incorporating readily-available materials, resulting in a structure that is both artistically-designed and affordable, to Royal Barry Wills’ high-end recreations of traditional Cape Cod styles, and many more.

When our design team was charged with creating an addition to this Marcel Breuer house on the cliffs of Wellfleet, we considered it our sacred mission to create a juxtaposition that would not in any way occlude, but instead complement and enhance the original design.

Good design might be considered drawing from the palette of historical pioneers of architecture and design, and instituting aspects of many into one’s own aesthetic, then encapsulating all of that into livability from our client’s perspective. Our intensive active listening process in meeting with our clients is an essential element of that process. When all is said and done, the building has to get it right the first time, and this can only be accomplished through dialogue with the client regarding their needs and priorities for living in the space.

Our design team is totally engaged in the mind’s creative process: everybody is thinking of how to achieve the perfect product.

In the design and construct process, a collaborative between Ambrose Homes, Inc. and the client, the designer functions as a guide through the labyrinth of decisions required. Many of our clients begin with just an existing architectural drawing or floor plan, rough drawings or photos that appeal to them, or even magazine photos. We specialize in meeting the client where they are and going forward from that point.

Eldredge 2.JPG

At Ambrose homes, Inc., we offer our leadership, which means that when the client’s friends visit for cocktails, the client never faces the question, “What were you thinking?

Any idea you have for a home, Ambrose Homes, Inc. can help you realize the concept. We enjoy a good challenge!

The key component to Ambrose Homes, Inc.’s success in executing complex projects is that we have both a design division and a building/heavy structural division, so that we retain in-house execution of our designs, which is the most economical way, and creates a continuity of the entire project process that fosters fluid communication between AHI and our clients, which allows a better shared understanding of the project in its entirety.