This colonial style home was built in 1832, though its construction was somewhat substandard for the era. Ambrose Homes found that the house was coming apart between its two floors, and heading for imminent collapse!

In order to bind the building back together, Ambrose Homes crews chained the building at mid-level and employed special “come-along” equipment that allowed us to fine-tune the force pull on the walls of the home and re-strengthen the floors without having to demolish the home.

The foundation of the home was nearly non-existent; we even found a tree stump remaining in the ground under a first floor room, and discovered the home’s original shutters in the dirt crawl space under the house.

Ambrose Homes lifted the house from its crumbling foundation, and placed a new foundation with a brick facade to maintain visual consistency with the 19th century origins of the structure. Because the house had been situated considerably below street level,

we also raised the house on its new foundation approximately 10 inches above its prior grade level, which allowed smoother access from the sidewalk and reduced steps down to the home from the  street. We were even able to restore the 150-year-old shutters to pristine condition in our custom workshop in Chatham, and reinstall them on the home’s exterior.

The Ambrose Homes design team created a front entrance from the street that includes a fence and gate to accentuate the home’s style, and in the era in which the home was built, would have clearly indicated that the home was owned by a family of means.

A rear addition to the home dates back to the late 1800s.

Ambrose Homes hollowed out the addition, removing several rooms and a staircase in the process,

and redesigned the space to include a master suite complete with bath.

We built coffered ceilings in the living and family rooms, which serve a dual purpose: first, they are aesthetically pleasing, and second, they conceal infrastructure updates without lowering the overall ceiling height.

Because of the family’s desire to use the home for large occasions and gatherings, we removed walls and reworked the traffic flow of the home as well as creating ease of access to the main rooms of the home from outside.

We also created large deck spaces for use as outdoor rooms

Ambrose Homes’ design team also revisited the exterior design of and connections between the home and its former barn (now a gallery), which had been architecturally destroyed in the 1980s. The finished product is cohesive as well as aesthetically appealing.