When Ambrose Homes, Inc. first saw this house, it was becoming increasingly buried in a coastal sand dune.

When the homeowners came to us, their home was buried in a coastal dune, with the sands creeping higher each year.

In addition to becoming buried in sand, the existing building did not meet flood code, and could have littered the protected area with potentially dangerous debris and materials in the event of flooding. 

Ambrose Homes developed a conservation-conscious design to raise and expand the house working within the framework of the Town of Eastham’s Wetlands Bylaws and Regulations, and the Eastham Conservation Commission’s and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s rules and regulations for a protected area. Ambrose Homes’ adaptations to this uniquely delicate site included a Dune Management/Restoration Plan.

The project even included a Diamondback Terrapin Turtle Protection Plan, complete with a turtle fence and gate.



The project actually enhanced and improved the integrity and function of the surrounding dune system, because the house as it existed prior to the project was impeding the sand’s ability to move and be changed by the wind and water flow. The new building meets flood code and also allows the sand to move and be changed through natural processes.

The Ambrose Homes design team redesigned the interior of the home, as well.

The end result is both beautiful and functional, and allows the dune and wildlife to move freely around the home without obstructing access or limiting the enjoyment of the home, its delicate environment and its breathtaking view, for the homeowners.