What to expect when you work with Ambrose Homes


Ambrose Homes meets with you to discuss your ideas, timeline and budget and to record any pertinent information in order to incorporate it into a preliminary design plan.


We will present you with the preliminary design and work with you to finish the final design plans. 


With the final design we'll create a detailed budget and can work with you so that it meets your goals. 


We will work with you in finalizing a schedule for when you would like to start and finish the project. 


We will obtain all permits and permissions from local boards including conservation and historical if necessary. This depends on the nature of your project and the specific laws of the town it is being built in. 


While building, remodeling or lifting we keep real time assessment of the quality, budget and schedule. This requires coordination and realtime communication between our teams, management and you. To facilitate this communication we use methods such as:

  • Video enabled conference rooms in our offices in Chatham and Wellfleet designed so that our clients can meet virtually.
  • Accessibility to all documents. This is critical to your ongoing understanding of the project as it progresses. We'll make you a confidential personal dropbox folder containing all documents.
  • Photographic updates as the project progresses.
  • Frequent email communication. 
  • Telephone accessibility. We still use phones :) Feel free to call anytime. 

Post Construction

We aren't finished until you're happy.  If there are any fixes or changes needed we'll be there even after you move in. We'll be there to address any issues and answer questions.