What to expect when you choose Ambrose Homes, Inc.: A Synopsis of Our Design and Construction Process


1) Initially Ambrose Homes, Inc. meets with our client to discuss their ideas and budget, and record  any pertinent information in order to incorporate it into a conceptual design plan.

2) With the design plan prepared for the client’s review, AHI discusses the client’s observations and questions and incorporates them into an updated plan. This process is repeated if needed, until the client is fully pleased with the plan.

3) After the building design is complete and approved by the client, Ambrose Homes, Inc. refines the initial working budget to create a contract to complete the project.

4) Ambrose Homes, Inc. offers services for board and regulatory representation and works with a team to obtain all necessary permits.

5) Once the permitting process is completed and a building permit has been issued, Ambrose Homes, Inc. begins the construction phase of the project, and follows the plan through to completion.


Throughout the process, there is fluidity of communication between AHI and our clients. We facilitate communication using various methods, including:

  • Skype and Face-Time-enabled conference rooms in our offices in both Chatham and Wellfleet, designed so that our clients can meet remotely with all of the key people involved in their project.

  • Accessibility of all documents: as this is critical to the client’s ongoing understanding of the project as it progresses, Ambrose Homes, Inc. creates a confidential personal dropbox folder for each of our clients containing all critical documents, so that the client can read and review them at his or her leisure.

  • Photographic updates as the project progresses.

  • Frequent email communication between AHI and clients, and we set the industry standard for responsiveness!

  • Telephone accessibility--we are known for being very accessible--many clients are surprised when our company primaries answer the office telephone themselves!