Ambrose Homes has successfully lifted many buildings from their foundations using our unified jacking system, which can lift one million pounds at one time, avoiding the hazards of using a less sophisticated system.

We replace old, crumbling or rotting pilings and bases with brand-new full foundations that we build or, in many coastal applications, with FEMA A-zone and V-zone foundations, or helical piers, which we encase in concrete columns to raise the building out of harm’s way and allow the passage of flood waters without damaging the structure.'

On Cape Cod, the need for reliable bulkheads and seawalls has increased due to quickly-eroding shorelines. Ambrose Homes, Inc. repairs and installs bulkheads and seawalls using our specialized equipment and skilled crew to protect homes swiftly with low environmental impact.

Bulkheads and seawalls are vertical shoreline stabilization structures that provide protection from waves and retain soil. Bulkheads and seawalls can be constructed from a variety of materials including concrete, wood, and vinyl.  Seawalls are typically used to prevent homes from storm surges with pounding surf, eroding shorelines and waves.

Ambrose Homes, Inc. moves Cape Cod houses out of harm's way due to erosion of the seaside sand dunes.

        The Ambrose Homes heavy structure team:

  • Constructs advanced concrete work using our own forms and specialty wood pile foundations.
  • Are certified installers of Chance Helical Piers which are installed with our specialized drilling systems. 
  • Builds and renovates small bridges.
  • Does speciality welding for custom heavy structural and custom straircases. 

Chatham seawall before 

Chatham seawall after